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The Home Service Club Review

See the pros and cons and costs of The Home Service Club in our review, which also looks at the plans and best features.

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

The Home Service Club Review
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The Home Service Club includes a warranty on all work performed that lasts for 90 days on all parts and 30 days on the labor. You can schedule an appointment for any type of appliance, including those no longer made.


You need to pay a service fee of $95 every time you make an appointment, even if you cancel it later. Some dislike that the company is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau.


Though slightly more expensive than other warranty companies, The Home Service Club offers services and coverage that you won’t find elsewhere. All work comes with a guarantee that lasts for 30 to 90 days and covers both the labor and parts.

What is The Home Service Club?

The Home Service Club is one of the newest providers of home warranty plans, but it has more than a decade of experience helping people protect their homes. Founded in 2009, it is also one of the most extensive warranty providers as it operates in all states except Wisconsin. When you buy a warranty from them, you get coverage that will replace any broken or damaged appliances, even if they are so old that you can’t buy them in stores. The Home Service Club also offers an extensive guarantee on the work that its contractors perform and has a high rating among current and past customers.

Features and Services

One thing to keep in mind about The Home Service Club is that it doesn’t cover appliances with preexisting conditions, which are problems that existed before you became a customer. You cannot finally decide to replace your old washer and dryer by becoming a customer and making an appointment. Technicians know how to identify problems that existed for years and those that recently appeared. If the contractor determines that your appliance does not qualify for a replacement or repair, you’ll find that you wasted nearly $100 on a service fee and have nothing to show for it.

If you want to know exactly how much it costs for the added features that you want, The Home Service Club offers a free quote. Once you complete the online form, you should get an email from the company within a few days. It will also have a member of its support staff call you over the phone to discuss your options. You do not need to pay that cost all at once though. The Home Service Club offers convenient monthly payment plans that divide your account into equal payments that will automatically charge your card.

Plans and Coverage

You won’t find as many warranty plans available from The Home Service Club as you would with other companies because it offers only two. The first is the Standard Plan that covers basic appliances such as a dishwasher, trash compactor, refrigerator and washer. This plan also covers built-in food centers as well as built-in microwaves that often take more money and time to repair. Those who choose the Standard Plan also receive coverage for some of their systems such as the heating system and electrical system. It covers some unique appliances that you might have in your home too, including central vacuum systems and ceiling fans.

For even more coverage, you should opt for the Comprehensive Plan. The Home Service Club claims that this is the most comprehensive plan available today and that it covers more than any other plan does. In addition to covering the same appliances that the Standard Plan does, it extends your coverage to include ductwork, smoke detectors and both hot and cold water dispensers. You also get protection for your alarm system, which helps you cover the cost of repairing that system. Whether you have a rodent infestation or see signs of fleas and other insects, this plan will also cover your pest control costs.

The Home Service Club has optional coverage that you can add to either plan also. This comes in six parts that allow you to choose just one or all six. While part one covers leaks and damage to outdoor water lines, part two covers the sewer line outside. You can add part three to cover exterior gas lines or part four for your outdoor electrical lines. The final two parts cover sprinkler systems and grinder pumps. Other coverage is available for spa and pool equipment, water softeners, jetted bathtubs and sewage pumps.

Who is This For?

Those who choose The Home Service Club are typically customers who own homes and want more coverage. While a small number of people choose the Standard package, most customers choose the company’s Comprehensive package. Not only can you get help paying for repairs to your appliances, but you’ll also get support when problems arise with most of your home’s systems. It is also perfect for those who may want to add coverage that other companies do not offer. Though you can easily get coverage for the equipment that your swimming pool uses, The Home Service Club offers one of the only warranty plans that also cover pumps and outdoor lines.

How it Works

The Home Service Club doesn’t have as long of a waiting period as other companies do. While those companies make you wait up to a full month, you can file a warranty claim with The Home Service Club just 10 days after you become a customer. The support staff working for the company are available every day of the week and 24-hours a day to handle calls that come in after midnight and in the middle of the day. Though it’s easy to file a claim over the phone, it’s just as easy to file your claim online. You can access The Home Service Club website on your computer or any mobile device. Within a few hours, you should receive an email that you submitted the claim. This sends your request to a local contractor who will then contact you to schedule an appointment. You’ll need to pay that contractor $95 to cover the diagnostic fee.


With a warranty plan from The Home Service Club, you get an average of $2,500 worth of coverage for each appliance and up to the same amount for each repair that you need. Though plans start at around $400 a year, you can cut your payments into monthly options that fit your budget. Standard plan shoppers pay $45.95 per month, which increases to $60.95 a month when you opt for the Comprehensive plan. The Home Service Club offers promotions a few times a year that lets you get up to five months of added coverage on top of your original plan when you sign up. Adding any of the optional services to your plan will cause your cost to rise. The Home Service Club does not include the service fee that you pay the contractor in its pricing, which is a service fee that is due at the beginning of each appointment.

Warranty Claims

Having a home warranty helps you take care of unexpected problems that can pop up such as a dishwasher that starts leaking water all over the floor or a refrigerator that starts running hot. The Home Service Club makes it easy for you to file claims whenever you need help. Not only does it offer plans that cover repairs, but it can also replace appliances. If the contractor who comes to your home finds that it would take $1,200 to repair your refrigerator and only $800 to replace it, they will recommend a replacement. The Home Service Club will cover both the cost of that appliance as well as its delivery charges. If an appliance needs installation, your plan will cover the labor costs too. Most found that they could schedule an appointment through The Home Service Club in as little as a few days.

Final Verdict

You shouldn’t feel surprised to learn that The Home Service Club gets some of the highest reviews among all home warranty companies. While the Standard plan that it offers is quite similar to those you would find elsewhere, the Comprehensive plan covers dozens of more things around your house. You always have the option of adding more services to your plan for a small fee too. When you sign a one-year contract, you’ll get help for the following year once the 10-day waiting period ends. The Home Service Club offers plans that cover nearly everything in your house.

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